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Lascaux Tile Damascus Pattern Backsplash
Great for Kitchen Backsplash 6"x6" Each

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"The BEST for the Kitchen" Tiles

Lascaux Blue and White Portuguese Tile Flower Bath
Montecito Bathroom Michael Smith, Designer


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Beautiful Patterned Tiles- Hand Painted Antique Reproductions-  Ottoman-Moroccan- Portuguese- Dutch Delft-  Spanish Tiles- Tunisian Patterns- Portuguese Blue and White- Mexican Patterns-French-Moorish and Islamic Tiles.  Blue and White Portuguese Tile/ Raised Spanish Cuenca Tiles

All Tiles Are Hand Painted - Exquisitely and Professionally Fabricated in the USA  




Blue and White Tiles By Lascaux
Featured In Book, "The Best of Elle Decor"

Blue Flower Tile/www.Lascaux Tile Powder Room
Michael S. Smith Interior Designer

  • Bathrooms/ Shower
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Floors
  • Spas 
  • Fountain Tiles
  • Antique Reproduction Tile
  •  Star and Cross Tiles 
  • Moroccan Tiles  
  • Spanish and Tunisian Design Tiles
  • Raised Cuenca
  • Portuguese Tiles
  • Blue and White Tile
  • Custom Color
  • American Historic Tiles
  • Subway Tile 
  • Antique Reproduction Tiles

Mark Sikes-Blog Montecito Masterpiece

Rizzoli Book By Designer, Michael S. Smith and Christine Pittel- Check Out Our Tiles Pictured in "Kitchens and Baths"


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  • Orders Packed and Shipped Anywhere in the World -Freight Rates Apply

  • Australia; New Zealand; Canada and UK Tile Orders Welcome

Beautiful Patterned Tiles- Antique Reproductions- American   Ottoman   Spanish  Tunisian  Portuguese  Mexican  French  Islamic   

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